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 Forum Rules (Must Read!)

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Forum Rules (Must Read!) Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules (Must Read!)   Forum Rules (Must Read!) EmptySat Apr 09, 2011 12:18 am

Here we RP differently than most. We ask that you mimic our odd style, to make it more uniform. Here are the rules:

1. Create your own OC (Original Character) or okay it with your players if you wish to assign fandom characters. Generally, however, at this forum, we like the players to only assign their own OCs, so as to not limit play.

2. Please repect the starter of the RPG. If they want certain things done with the characters (ex. may have multiple, can't be all-powerful, must all wear hats, etc.) then you should follow the rules. If you want to do something that the beginner of the RPG might not want, please ask that person.

3. Should you choose not to assign fandom characters (free for all to use) and require an OC you may use each others characters as along as you do not make any major decisions with them. For example, getting another character not of your creation killed would be wrong. Also, if someone else's character is clearly busy at the moment with something across town from where you are, and you need them, don't just pull them out from where they are. Either work them over to where you are or OOC the person to ask them to move their character towards you. If anyone is uncomfortable about this or wants to know the flexiblity of this rule, please ask in the Questions forum.

4. If you decide that you do not want to RP anymore, please kill off or give away your character.

5. Please keep it clean. Sure, you can swear and put in a sex scene, but no excessive use of the F word or graphic sex scenes. I'm rating this forum, unofficially, R. I just don't care for the F word, but, for sake of character, it will probably get used from time to time. Excessive use is just silly, though. Please make it where I will not blush a deep crimson when I read. Warnings are REQUIRED for R rated RPGs and anything above R is strictly not allowed. The admin and the mods reserve the right to remove your thread if you disobey this rule. But this will not happen without a warning.

6. Generally, for the RPGs,try to keep the fandom characters up for grabs. This way, it will not limit people who are able to join in the fun. They will not be assigned to any one character, but free for all to use when necessary. But don't snatch one away from another player when the player is clearly still using them. It's natural, however, to have fandom characters attach, story-wise, to certain OCs over time. Just don't be greedy and make sure your fellow players are OK with this.

7. Please keep threads in the appropriate forum. And refer to the FAQs and How To concerning how to role-play in the forum.

8. Disclaimers are REQUIRED. This is both for legal purposes and, in the Crossover section, to let other RPers what fandoms are being used.

If you have any grievances or questions, please see the appropriate forums.
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Forum Rules (Must Read!)
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