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 10 Important FAQs

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PostSubject: 10 Important FAQs   10 Important FAQs EmptySun Apr 17, 2011 12:53 pm

Q: Do we have to be involved in the RP threads already started, or can we start our own?

A: Feel free to start your own! We want everyone to be able to explore all their stories here. We prefer if you RP in the mods’ chosen “script” format, but, as far as that goes…

Q: Why do you RP in this weird “script” format?

A: The answer to that is that we just felt like it makes the whole RPG move faster and smoother if you could RP in that format, using characters as you wished, so long as it was within the rules. But this is NOT required. If it’s a thread that has already been started in that format, you only have to follow it then. If you wish to start your own, then start it however you wish, in whatever format you wish, so long as it stays within the rules. And speaking of which…

Q: What can I NOT post here?

A: We generally like to keep things PG-13 and lower. And if it is outside an RPG, it MUST be kept to that rating or lower. However, if you are suggesting a fanfic for someone to go and read, starting a Round Robin, or doing an RPG that might have some gore, light sexual content, or swearing beyond using the F-word once, then you are REQUIRED to put a warning in your VERY FIRST POST. If you don’t think this is the case, but then, though play, it becomes the case, simply go back and edit the first post to add the warning. The admin and the mods reserve the right to remove threads that do not comply to the rules, but we will never do so without at least one advance warning.

Q: What do the abbreviations mean?

A: On the forum you’ll see a lot of abbreviations pop up, and on the chatbox you’ll probably see a lot more. I couldn’t possibly list them all here, but a few of are:

OOC- Out of Character
BIC- Back in Character
OC- Original Character
FOC- Female Original Character

If you run into any more abbreviations, feel free to ask what it means in the Questions section.

Q: What do all these ranks mean?

A: Since we’re planning to continually add fandoms as they are requested, we’ll also have ranks ranging from all the fandoms. If you end up with a rank—which is depending on how many posts you have and appears above your avatar—that you don’t know, there is a thread already started in the question section where one of the mods will pop in and answer your question. You can also suggest ranks there. As for requesting fandoms, that goes in the appropriate forum.

Q: Who do I contact if I’m having trouble learning how to use the forums?

A: You can either post in the Questions forums or PM a mod. Either way, a mod will be happy to help you!

Q: What are avatar/signature size limits?

A: Avatar sizes cannot exceed 150 pixels in width, 200 pixels in height, and cannot exceed 64 kb in file size. Signature size cannot exceed 776 characters (without spaces) or 993 (with spaces).

Q: Who is Bob and why is he so important?

A: Bob is the official mascot of our lovely forum. He’s a manticore that loves to be loved, and is a lot scarier looking than what he actually is. In fact, he’ll only “sic ‘em” when ordered. You can see him on the “new posts” image. His origins lie in the RPG thread that all the mods play in called, “World’s Clash: Where’s the Pig?” Well, in all actuality, he comes from the first one. He is mod KimmiGray’s personal pet.

Q: What the heck is going on?

A: Frankly, nobody knows. If you pop into the chatbox while all the mods are on, you might be even more lost. But don’t worry about it. We’ll be happy to catch you up.

Q: What’s up with all these freakin’ vampires?

A: The mods are, in short, vampire fans. They’ve read all sorts of stuff on them—not limited to Twilight. So there are a lot of fictional vampires on the loose around here. Don’t worry. They won’t bite unless you bite first.
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10 Important FAQs
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