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 Cendiwen-Sen-Seton Audition

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PostSubject: Cendiwen-Sen-Seton Audition   Cendiwen-Sen-Seton Audition EmptyThu Apr 14, 2011 12:41 am

Just in case anyone ever needs to see proof that I can write/rp, here it is. If you need something more specific, let me know. When I did this originally, there was correct spacing. I don't know if it will space correctly on here, though. So just in case, please ignore if it isn't.

“Lainie! Come on!” Katie and Drew called to her. Elaine could only laugh as her young cousins romped through the field. They were so full of life and just being around them made her feel more energetic; made her forget about how tired she had been feeling just a few short hours ago. “Auntie Lainie, are you coming?” they called again. At that, Elaine lifted herself off of the ground and slowly dusted herself off.
“Guys, are you sure that you want an old fogy like me playing with you?” Elaine smirked; she simply could not help it. She knew that she was old to the children, since they were nine and six respectively and she was pushing thirty.
Katie and Drew both laughed as their only reply.
Elaine stopped cleaning herself mid-swipe and lunged toward the children. They laughed and scattered as she began playing tag with them through the flower filled field. Finally, Elaine collapsed, both arms full of her wriggling, giggling prey. As Elaine tried to catch her breath, the little demons wriggled their way loose and began to tickle her.
All three froze mid-laugh. “Auntie Lainie, what was that?” Drew innocently asked.
“It sounded sort of like thunder,” the thunder-shy Katie fearfully stated.
Elaine looked around the sky. It was still as bright blue and as cloudless for as far as the eye could see, as it had been for the past several hours. “I don’t know what it was,” Elaine stated calmly.
The sound had become rhythmic. With each new beat, the sound grew closer, louder, and the sky begun to darken. Elaine quickly stole a glance skyward. There were still no clouds in the sky, much less any covering either one of the planet’s two suns. With one final “BOOM!” the world went pitch black.
Elaine screamed and bolted upright on her makeshift cot, and a man dashed into the grey cloth tent that she had awakened in. “Are you all right?” he asked concernedly.
Elaine rubbed her eyes tiredly. “Yes, Zenson. I’m fine.”
“All right. You should know that we are to move out in two hours. You need to eat and pack up your things.”
“Yes, Zenson. I know. You know that you don’t have to remind me.”
“Very well then. I’ll leave you to your tasks then,” Zenson quietly stated as he left Elaine with her thoughts.
Sluggishly, Elaine rose from the cot and looked into the piece of shined metal that she used for a mirror that she had propped against one side of the tent. She still had her dark red hair bound with a piece of leather and her bloodshot violet eyes still had dark circles under them.
She deftly picked up her shield and her sword, and looked at herself one last time to see what her enemy would see. She was clad in her brother’s retailored, bloodstained leathers and armor. Her shield bore her family’s coat of arms, and that was the only part of the shield that was not covered in dried blood. Her father’s sword hilt fit well into her hands. Around her neck was a fine gold chain that carried an ornate, crowned, heart that was being held by two hands. Nodding, she stalked out of her tent and began barking orders to her troop. She knew that the drums of war that had pulled her from her memories signaled that they would be battling in as little as thirty minutes. She was a woman who had lost her home, lost her family, her love, and the life she had always known. She was a Commander in His Majesty’s Imperial Command.
Elaine gazed at the red horizon as chaos ensued around her as her troops scrambled to prepare for battle. She could see the flags of her enemies coming. As Elaine focused on the oncoming army,black in the red-orange sunset, her sword flared to life. A long, red beam of solid lightning formed from the sword hilt she was holding.
The coming Swarm had taken everything from her. Now she would try to regain everything for the helpless people of Voldsea. Elaine’s gaze hardened. To gain everything for the people, she would have to lose the only thing that she had left. She would have to lose herself.
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Cendiwen-Sen-Seton Audition
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