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 How To RP Like a Mod!

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How To RP Like a Mod! Empty
PostSubject: How To RP Like a Mod!   How To RP Like a Mod! EmptySat Apr 09, 2011 11:23 pm

This How-to isn't necessary mandatory to all, but this is the way the founders of this forum tend to RP together. We chose to do this after looking at other RPs and not liking having to only post one line at a time and wait until whoever came back to post.

We do ask that you allow OCs in your RP to be used by the other players in that RP (in accordance to the Rules). If you want to do this but are afraid that people will get your character Out of Character, you can start by doing a long Bio post. And if someone still gets your character Out of Character, don't hesitate to point out the issue and explain. If it persists, alert a Mod or the Admin and it will be taken care of. But, again, that is not mandatory, just something that we've found helps the RP move faster.

Please RP in script type format. When they are talking, type it like this:

Patricia: "Let's play!"

Also, if your character is thinking to themselves, do it like this:

Patricia: ::When will these rules end?::

If they are preforming an action, please set it off by placing it in astriks. For example:

*Although the annoying boy talked on and on, Patricia ignored him perfectly.*

Also, if your character is preforming an action while speaking, do this:

Patricia: *smiling* "Yes, please."

If you are talking outside of your character, please type OOC and then what you have to say/ask. You can type BIC when you are done and continue with your post, but this isn't always necessary. We ask that this be only short notes/questions. Longer issues are to go in the RPG Talk forum.

Bold typing is reserved for a certain amount of time passing, like:

The Next Morning...

Italics writing is not prohibited, but it is not recommended. Italics are hard to read, sometimes, so I ask that you use them as little as possible. But I understand that the double colons sometimes do not work if you must you Italics instead.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the Questions forum!

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How To RP Like a Mod!
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