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 All Present and Accounted for, RP Anon-ers?

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All Present and Accounted for, RP Anon-ers? Empty
PostSubject: All Present and Accounted for, RP Anon-ers?   All Present and Accounted for, RP Anon-ers? EmptySun May 01, 2011 10:19 pm

Siggy and I have made it through the "Tornadoes of 2011" safely, with virtually no damage to anything or anyone. It was a close thing for Siglorean, and I have just regained power. This is the area to let us know if you are alive and well, and the situation around you. If you need any help, please let us know, and I'm sure that if we are able to, we will try to help. For the people who don't know, I live most of the time in Decatur, AL. Siglorean lives in Tuscaloosa, AL. I am going to Tuscaloosa tomorrow after work, and will remain there for about three days, trying to help out. Curfew is still enforced down there. After 8 pm, if you are seen out of your place of residence, you will be warned once by law enforces. If you do not stop after that first warning, they have permission to shoot on sight. There is also a boil water warning out, because one of their water treatment plants was hit. Tuscaloosa no longer has a sanitation department. All of their trucks were carried away to who knows where. I know that Tuscaloosa has been receiving a lot of media attention, and I know that it is not the only place, but I am just going over what I have seen first hand. I know that Jasper, AL got off pretty lightly. There were a few downed trees, a few houses damaged by downed trees, and a few signs blown over. They have had power for about a day now. Tuscaloosa got power back the day after the tornadoes. Oakman, AL, as a town, was very well off, but some trailers past Blue Water Road, heading toward the Walker County / Tuscaloosa County line was hit. I have heard that Blue Water Road was hit also. Cordova, AL was hit. Jason, my ex-boyfriend, and his family are still alive. Russ's, my little brother, ex-girlfriend, and her family are still alive. Both were from Cordova. We have not yet heard from Warren, as far as I know. Cordova has only about two buildings left standing, and they will need to be torn down, and start again from scratch. I heard from a very reliable source, that during one of the days that they were not letting people into Cordova, it was because there were still chidren's bodies in the streets, along with people giving them CPR, and other people covering them with sheets. This was the day after the tornadoes. I need to call Courtney, and check on her family. I will do that tomorrow. Cullman was also hit very hard. Parts of Birmingham were also hit hard. I know that there were other areas. Cordova, Cullman, Birmingham, parts of Winston County, Huntsville, and other areas in North Alabama, I have not seen, nor do I know much about it. If you have any news, please, post it here, and let us know what is going on and that you and yours are all right.

Rules are there for a reason. That being said, I'm not breaking the rules, I'm revienting them.
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All Present and Accounted for, RP Anon-ers?
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